GU Energy Labs partnering with TriGrandPrix

by robcondon on March 24, 2011

GU Energy Labs partnering with TriGrandPrix

TriGrandPrix, Serious about Athlete Care, and GU ENERGY LABS have announced a comprehensive multi-year partnership for 2011. The partnership entitles GU Energy to become the nutrition partner for the TriGrandPrix 2011 Championship. This partnership includes Six Triathlon Experiences: TriGrandPrix UK (May 22nd), BH Zarauzko Triatloia (June 11th), Aritzaleku Triathlon (July 2nd-3rd), Kilkenny Triathlon (July 23rd), Valencia Triathlon (September 11th) and the Ciboure Itsas-Mendi Triathlon (October 2nd).

“The partnership between GU Energy and TriGrandPrix is a perfect match that combines professional Triathlon Experiences with the highest quality nutrition products. We are very proud to join a talented crew of athletes and scientists to deliver the best sports nutrition on the planet into the hands – and mouths – of deserving TriGrandPrix Athletes globally! [Jose M Torres, TriGrandPrix Chief Operating Officer].

 Our Experience working with GU Energy Labs at the GU-TriGrandPrix Kona Concert in Hawaii this past October was an amazing experience. We share similar values and had, from the very beginning, the same vision “Athlete Care”. This alignment allowed us to deliver a concert that was a huge success.

 GU-TriGrandPrix Kona Concert


“This is a perfect opportunity for GU Energy to present GU Energy Gel, Roctane Ultra Endurance Energy Gel, and GU Chomps to TriGrandPrix athletes enabling them to successfully cross the finish line.” [Brooke Kennedy, GU Energy Labs Marketing Manager]

2011 will be an exciting year for GU Energy and TriGrandPrix. We have managed to become one of the fastest growing Triathlon brands in Europe and the quality and effectiveness of GU Energy products is ready to conquer the European Territory. “GU Energy is one of the world’s leading nutrition brands in the sport of triathlon and for us there is not a better example of Athlete Care [Jim Breen, TriGrandPrix CEO].

“I am so excited that TriGrandPrix and GU Energy have decided to work together. It’s pretty awesome that TriGrandPrix has made Athlete Care such a huge priority – and now with GU Energy on board – they prove their commitment“ [Mirinda Carfrae, Hawaii World Champion 2010]  

“TriGrandPrix offers full services to athletes, from very detailed information and Accommodation to guided course-tours. With the involvement of GU Energy, Athletes can have the highest quality nutrition product on race day!” [Edith Niederfriniger]

 “I am so happy that GU Energy, Serious about Nutrition and TriGrandPrix Serious about Athlete care have decided to work together. In my opinion, a perfect match [Rajesh Durbal,]

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