Our goal at TriGrandPrix, started in 2010, is to create a safe, professionally organized, world class series of triathlon experiences. TriGrandPrix 2011, hosted six experiences, thus creating a global TriGrandPrix championship. TriGrandPrix 2012 will be run from March to October and will cover different distances. One female and one male triathlete will each be crowned the TriGrandPrix World Champion at the end of the championship.

Jim Breen, TriGrandPrix CEO
Jim is the founder and driving force behind TriGrandPrix. His vision of creating a globally successful triathlon business that is focused on Athlete Care was the inspiration for creating the TriGrandPrix community. Jim was shortlisted for the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award and graduated from the National University of Ireland and the Executive Development program at Stanford University, California, USA.
Dr. Brent Mattson, TriGrandPrix CSR Director
Brent has a deep background in talent management, psychology and coaching in large global organisations. He has led teams responsible for the development of talent at General Electric, Bank of America, and Invensys plc. Brent is creating a team that will focus on building coaching and mentoring relationships between corporate leaders and athletes. He received his Masters and PhD degrees from the University of Minnesota, USA.
Paul Griffin, TriGrandPrix Commercial Director
Paul is a two-time Olympic Rower, having represented Ireland at the 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games. He has also won two rowing World Championship medals, including one gold. An advocate in cross training and teamwork, he has competed in a number of relay-team triathlons. Paul has a degree in law and is completing a second degree in eBusiness from the University College Cork, Ireland. Paul brings his creative spirit and winning mentality to the TriGrandPrix leadership team.
Rob Condon, TriGrandPrix Webmaster
Rob is a web multimedia designer and developer and has over 12 years of experience developing projects for clients such as CA, NASA, BP, O2 and Bank of America to name a few. Rob is very excited about the TriGrandPrix project and will be adding some great new features to the website over the coming months.